Saturday, March 16, 2013

Can't Hardly Wait

Climb on to the top 
of this scummy water tower, screamin'
I can't hardly wait

I hear you PW


  1. Please can I ask, do you chose to hide your P or is it because people don't see/hear anything different of you? Thanks!

    1. Not sure I follow, but I think the answer is yes to both. I have definitely so far worked to deliberately hide P, but it hasn't been very hard work. Maybe some people have put the pieces together or suspect something, but everyone I have told was very surprised. I think generally with my P, you have to be looking for it and/or be familiar with the signs of the disease and my hiding strategies. Then I think it's pretty easy to spot.

    2. Thank you for replying. I think I was trying to ask was, are you embarrassed because you have P? My husband was diagnosed 2 years ago, he was 41. An absolute blow to both of us at the time, but a year after he was diagnosed, and after having time to digest it, he set up his charity He never tries to hide it, is totally committed to raising funds and awareness into the condition and totally focused on finding a cure, he is an absolute inspiration and won't be beaten by it! I notice from your blog that sometimes you seem quite down by having P. Please stay positive ..... thank you.

  2. Sorry all for the cryptic post by the way. At some point I'll elaborate on what this song means to me.

  3. I've always loved this Tim version... rawer lyrics and without the PTMM horns.