Saturday, January 26, 2013

Nice New Outfit

"You like the cut
You like the fit
Wide in the shoulders
Trim at the hips"

Just two things to mention.

1) I finally decided to put some time into making the blog look better and I like the new duds. Check me out!

2) I've been disappointed to get few comments on my posts, and blogging n00b that I am, I just realized  you needed to log in to comment. Fixed that, so please comment away anonymous peeps!


  1. I have not commented to any of your posts yet – and because I realize that the lack of comments might be interpreted as indifference, I want to clarify that this is far from the truth. It is probably these dogs that more than anything keep my away from writing. Although they are muzzled, they are scary and alienating. I had a muzzled dog like that jumping at me once, and it is was not fun (out of fear I stood my ground and waved a stick and it eventually retreated). I’d like to think of P in a similar way, scary for sure, but there are various forms of restraint out there – and hopefully better ones will emerge soon (too bad they waste all this money on the Blue Brain project instead of using it for something useful, clinically and scientifically). Anyway, dogs or not, wanted to break the silence and say that I am always looking forward to your posts, dogs or not. Anonymous friend #1.

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